• The Personal Diabetes Support Program.... That's Always There For You

    • Learn nutrition tips and recipes
    • Track weight and exercise goals
    • Set medicine, appointment, and blood glucose reminders
    Right to your cell phone!
  • Everything you need...right on your phone

    Care4life sends personalized text messages and to help you

    • Check blood glucose

      Check blood glucose

    • Remember your medications

      Remember your

    • Track weight and exercise

      Track weight
      and exercise

  • Using care4life is easy

    ...and fun!

    Get support from Paula*, your personal coach!

    *Paula is not an actual person. You will receive diabetes education from Paula,
    but she cannot respond to messages.

  • Created by diabetes experts and based on ...

      America Dibetes   Association content
    • American Diabetes Association
      clinical guidelines
      NDEP content
    • National Diabetes Education
      Program content

    Independent studies show text based interventions support improvements in

    Medication Adherence
    Appointment Attendance
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Here's what people are saying...

  •   I like the way it tells me to check my blood and gives me hints to live a healthier life, to take my meds.    

  •   I like it when Paula texts me first thing in the morning. She's always curious as to what's going on with me and my blood sugar. I like that she gives me reminders and tips.  

  •   I liked that the messages are continuous.. I liked the reminder aspect.  

  •   Tips and education in the morning were super helpful. When I test before I eat, I'm more careful about what I eat.  

Check out these 3 things you can do by text:

  • 1

    Blood glucose tracking

    care4life. A before meal glucose result of 70 or less can be dangerous. Do you know what low sugar feels like? Do you know what to do? Text LOW to learn more.

  • 2

    Weight & exercise goals

    care4life. Time to check on your weekly exercise goal. Reply with the number of days you exercised last week (e.g. 3). Reply 0 if you did not exercise last week

  • 3

    Medication reminders

    care4life. Did you remember to take all your drugs last week? Reply 1 for took all, 2 for took most, 3 for took some, 4 for took none (e.g. Reply 2).